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Have U Herd Goatscaping We Are Outstanding in Your Field

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Outstanding in Your Field

Is your property infested with invasive brush and pesky poison ivy? Don't put your skin at risk for damage and irritation from both poisonous plants and toxic chemicals. IF YOU HAVE A QUARTER OF AN ACRE OR MORE then call or email HUH to help you with
brush control and poison ivy removal.

Watch Our Kids Work & Play

Trade the thundering noise of landscaping tools for the gentle bleating and playful nature of cute goats as they blissfully clear your property of undesirable plants and weeds. Their insatiable appetite and immunity to the effects of poison ivy make them environmentally friendly landscapers. For each job, we bring a team of 2 to 10 goats to your acreage to clear out the bothersome plants and even fertilize your property for new desirable vegetation.

Getting to Know Your Property

Before we begin your goatscaping job, we do a consultation so you know what to expect with this unique landscaping service. We'll ask about the density of the flora on your property, the size of your land, and the borders of your property. You'll show us what you have and what you need removed. We will also inspect the terrain and types of plants to ensure the safety of our goats. Consultations usually run from 30-60 minutes. After we take measurements, we'll write up an estimate and contract for your goatscaping job.


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