Inquire About Renting Our Goats For Spring & Summer - 2019
Our goat yoga has been featured in local publications including The Pittsburgh Gazette, Pittsburgh Magazine,, and The Incline.

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Goat Rentals

Let our goats keep you company or help you celebrate a special occasion. Our rambunctious ruminants have a great temperament and will liven up any party whether it's a shower, wine tasting, painting party, or a photo shoot. If you're interested our goat rentals, give us a call for a complimentary phone consultation.

Our Farm

Get away from the crowded suburbs and urban areas of Pittsburgh, and let our home at Potential Farms be your party venue. Our location in Presto, Pennsylvania is a 33-acre farm where you can see our goats on their own home turf while you celebrate.

Goats Eating Grass Brown and White Goat Goat with Pink Collar
Kid Goat Goat's Ear
White Goat Boy Sitting by a Fence with Goats